Proposal for final project

The top graphic designer in US (consider how them made famous grapic design, what’s the experience, search resource from journal or interview, the map can be based on the college the graduated from)

1. Rob Janoffis an American graphic designer of corporate logos and identities, printed advertisements and television commercials. He is known for his creation of the Apple logo.

2.Carolyn Davidson designed the Swoosh in 1971 while a graphic design student at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon

3. Lindon Leader is the designer behind the legendary FedEx logo with the secret arrow. He designed it in 1994 while working in the San Francisco office of Landor Associates as senior design director. 

4. Chip kidd most notable book cover design was for Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park novel, which was so successful that it carried over into marketing for the film adaptation.

Discussion with Lumi Tan

The Kitchen is one of New York City’s oldest spaces, showing innovative work by emerging artists in different field. Lumi Tan is one of the curator for the Kitchen. The kitchen was designed for vedio artists in 1971. And it changed construction in 2000 become a place that has 3 layers and for the first time it has full time curators training.

When talking about the way to be a curator, Lumi Tan said that the academic degree seems not really important, getting phD or master is not only way to enter this field. She believes that seeing what you interet and value is important. Just like teaching the curator program, some are more theorial and some are more practical.

Lumi Tan distinguishes curators from artists, She believes that curator should be the role who transfer the artist vision into the public. It’s more like an actor instead of artist who need to change the performance to have the best effect. She emphasized that curator must be clear about his role and what his job is.

Discussion with Victoria Fu

Victoria Fu am an artist who uses movies and videos to make moving images. The screen is a very important theme in her work, the screen includes not only screens on computers, but also physical ones such as fire screens or windbreaks. We can really see Fu combines virtual and reality in her work.

Fu is interested in the space between the real and the virtual, the analog and the digital. This duality leads to lush, textured works and installations comprising layers of shapes and forms, blurring the boundaries between what is physically there and what is digitally inserted onto a surface.

When talking about neon color, Fu said that neon is another type of image and light. And neon is good element to attract people who never touch art before, because of her high saturation and diverse colors

Discussion with Adeze Wilford, the curator for Howardena Pindell

Adeze Wilford is the curator for Howardena Pindell, cooperating with shed. During discussing with Wilford , we know that Pindell’s work is political and focuses these themes on solving social issues such as homelessness, AIDS, war, sexism and racism.

In 1979, Pindell was involved in a serious car accident. To come to terms with the accident, Pindell shifted her artistic focus. She started featuring more autobiographical elements in her work; she began tracing her body, creating cut-outs that she then added to her larger paintings. Her series was designed not only to promote physical healing, but to encourage self-discovery. She would cut and mend her canvases, fill them with personal mementos, and play with the concepts of evolution and repair.

When talking about the experience about Shed and MOMA, Adeze Wilford said . In order to become a curator, she quit many jobs and applied for jobs in many different places.Then she finally go to the film department in MOMA which is the work that she never done before. And the shed offer a lot of opportunities to have brand new program which is hard but interesting.

Discussion with Jessica Stockholder

Jessica Stockholder has revitalized abstraction and formalism by obliterating most of their self-imposed dialectical boundaries. Her installations and wall works have an eerie familiarity about them. You can sense the presence of Constructivism and Action Painting, as well as Schwitters, Rauschenberg, Caro, and Tuttle in her sensibility, but the material, vernacular, and gestural force are distinctly her own. She is one of the most significant sculptors to emerge in the last decade

When asking about the material that Stockholder use , she said it can be anything. What is interesting is that what she is doing meets what she uses. But this is not entirely correct. She also chooses things for special reasons, although not according to a particular aesthetic. Usually, she avoids forming an overly cohesive appearance, which will guide the work in one direction. Many people have written about her work on garbage. She sometimes uses rubbish and all kinds of new and old things..

Discussion with Hassan Elahi

 while discussing how we can understand the mobile phone as a device that is capable of creating a ‘database shadow’ of the mobile phone owner. Elahi created “Tracking Transience” after he was held back by the FBI in 2003 on suspicion of being a possible terrorist; by consulting the website everyone now has access to the data generated by Elahi and his mobile phone, which meticulously tracks his life. However, even though Elahi’s life seems to be thoroughly and intimately documented with pictures of e.g. every eaten meal and every visited restroom, we are clearly not getting the full picture.

Elahi is the first person I see who combine politics , life and art together. When he show us how to check our location in the phone. What is frightening is that our phone has recorded every place we stayed. This made me understand that with the development of the times, people’s privacy has become less and less especially when we can’t leave our mobile phones nowadays.