Discussion with Adeze Wilford, the curator for Howardena Pindell

Adeze Wilford is the curator for Howardena Pindell, cooperating with shed. During discussing with Wilford , we know that Pindell’s work is political and focuses these themes on solving social issues such as homelessness, AIDS, war, sexism and racism.

In 1979, Pindell was involved in a serious car accident. To come to terms with the accident, Pindell shifted her artistic focus. She started featuring more autobiographical elements in her work; she began tracing her body, creating cut-outs that she then added to her larger paintings. Her series was designed not only to promote physical healing, but to encourage self-discovery. She would cut and mend her canvases, fill them with personal mementos, and play with the concepts of evolution and repair.

When talking about the experience about Shed and MOMA, Adeze Wilford said . In order to become a curator, she quit many jobs and applied for jobs in many different places.Then she finally go to the film department in MOMA which is the work that she never done before. And the shed offer a lot of opportunities to have brand new program which is hard but interesting.

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