Discussion with Amna Asghar, Print Making Artist

Before talking to Amna Ashgar, I didn’t know anything about how to print making. She gave me a new understanding. What she do is first working in the photoshop to make a draft and sketch. To print out the image off the computer, you need to have a light senstive board and put the image below the board and then finally exposed them. I think the process are quite the same as printing the photo from camera, the difference is the process that working in the photoshop.

Amna also show us her artwork which paints the sky. Those images are really beautiful and dreamlike. She mentioned that painting the sky can be quiet and healing. For making the paiting, she also took a lot of beautiful picture Into her paintings and seeking different color and composition online such as oriental Indian cinema and Disney movie. I think that’s the same as most artists do which is learning other’s artwork and combing them with self idea. And finally, it becomes a brand new and own style.

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