Discussion with Brie Ruais, Special Sculpture Artist

Brie Ruais combines sculpture and abstract concepts to compose her work, most of the works are inspired by natural landscapes and interestingly, the weight of the sculpture are considered to matches the artist’s own weight which is 132 lbs.

Brie Ruais’s work, Screenshot from class zoom meeting

This is the artwork we saw in Brie’s studio which is called Desiccated. She made this work on the floor and let the clay dry naturally as dry sand in the desert. This work is like depicting a bird’s-eye view in the desert. The segmentation and grid also refers to the pattern of the dessert.

Brie Ruais’s picture, Screenshot from class zoom meeting

In order to obtain references to the natural landscape, brie needs to go to the field to work. She use drone to take this beautiful picture in 500 to 1000 feet heigh. She also need to investigate the relationship between land and resources, and study how the pictures match the proportions of her works.

Most of brie’s works were completed on the ground first, and then be put on the wall. However, transporting clay from floor to the wall is not a simple process. Brie needs to drill holes in the clay when it is hard or even wet and use different styles of screws to make it almost transparent in the work.

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