Discussion with Hassan Elahi

 while discussing how we can understand the mobile phone as a device that is capable of creating a ‘database shadow’ of the mobile phone owner. Elahi created “Tracking Transience” after he was held back by the FBI in 2003 on suspicion of being a possible terrorist; by consulting the website trackingtransience.net everyone now has access to the data generated by Elahi and his mobile phone, which meticulously tracks his life. However, even though Elahi’s life seems to be thoroughly and intimately documented with pictures of e.g. every eaten meal and every visited restroom, we are clearly not getting the full picture.

Elahi is the first person I see who combine politics , life and art together. When he show us how to check our location in the phone. What is frightening is that our phone has recorded every place we stayed. This made me understand that with the development of the times, people’s privacy has become less and less especially when we can’t leave our mobile phones nowadays.

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