Discussion with Jessica Stockholder

Jessica Stockholder has revitalized abstraction and formalism by obliterating most of their self-imposed dialectical boundaries. Her installations and wall works have an eerie familiarity about them. You can sense the presence of Constructivism and Action Painting, as well as Schwitters, Rauschenberg, Caro, and Tuttle in her sensibility, but the material, vernacular, and gestural force are distinctly her own. She is one of the most significant sculptors to emerge in the last decade

When asking about the material that Stockholder use , she said it can be anything. What is interesting is that what she is doing meets what she uses. But this is not entirely correct. She also chooses things for special reasons, although not according to a particular aesthetic. Usually, she avoids forming an overly cohesive appearance, which will guide the work in one direction. Many people have written about her work on garbage. She sometimes uses rubbish and all kinds of new and old things..

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