Discussion with Kenny Schachter, ” How to judge the value of artwork”

Kenny Schachter Collector, curator, art dealer, artist, and of course his most famous identity: art critic.Kenny Schachter, who was originally a lawyer, realized that he had to do something creative before entering the art world. In the past thirty years, he has tried various roles in the contemporary art industry.


Kenny Schachter mentions that nowadays, there are more and more art fairs around the world, which indeed provides a very good way for people to choose their favorite artworks, which meets the needs of the market. In the past, people may spend three hours to see an exhibition in a city, but in the end it is not what they like. However, these art fairs show more and more similar appearances. You go to every place and find that the works on display are the same.

He also discrbe the process of auction for art and how to determine the value of an artwork. There’s many association when judge a piece of artwork. First, the process of making artwork is import.For example, Do you spend time and money to make the art for profit. Second, galleries are more important than the artists themselves. Have you already spent money on group shows in community. Has worked and seen before, has worked in collective before as you’re just selling it on their own. Auctions are one of the biggest resources for understanding artworks and the market we are about to auction and deciding the value of the artwork

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