Discussion with Lumi Tan

The Kitchen is one of New York City’s oldest spaces, showing innovative work by emerging artists in different field. Lumi Tan is one of the curator for the Kitchen. The kitchen was designed for vedio artists in 1971. And it changed construction in 2000 become a place that has 3 layers and for the first time it has full time curators training.

When talking about the way to be a curator, Lumi Tan said that the academic degree seems not really important, getting phD or master is not only way to enter this field. She believes that seeing what you interet and value is important. Just like teaching the curator program, some are more theorial and some are more practical.

Lumi Tan distinguishes curators from artists, She believes that curator should be the role who transfer the artist vision into the public. It’s more like an actor instead of artist who need to change the performance to have the best effect. She emphasized that curator must be clear about his role and what his job is.

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