Discussion with Saisha Grayson, Curator of Time Based Media at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Saisha Grayson is a curator, writer, art historian and teacher focused on the intersections of contemporary art, performance, film, video, feminist politics, and cultural activism. In March 2018, she became the curator of time based media at Smithsonian American Art Museum(SMMA) in Washington D.C., where she is working on exhibitions, collection-building and performance art and moving image programming.

Before Saisha Grayson became the curator of time based media, she never thought she would participate in this career. Her first job was in a non government organization which focus on Eastern European politics and trying to make a nuclear disarmament. Then she got a job doing fundraising development for a dance company and starting to learn about art curation. Then she was working for a company that did communication strategy and public relations for art museums so that she can touching and working with artisits. She focused on exhibitions supporting the main curator for Brooklyn Museum. And she finally become the curator of SMMA.

Many people are not familiar with time based media. And Saisha Grayson explained that time-based media is the fine art with duration built into its form, such as film, vedio , slide show and so on. She metioned that time-based media is the work that need to spend time on and change over the time , something that is not physically but can be showed in space. The electronic superhighway continental US one of the most iconic works at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. it’s also a great example of the way that media art really brings us into new spaces of understanding about both who we are and what country we live in.

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