Tour at James Fuentes Gallery

When we visit the gallery, James Fuentes, the direcor of the gallery as its name, were discussing Recent development of the gallery and his own experience.

James mention a really interesting thing is the opinion of online gallery. He didn’t focus too much in online galleries at the beginning, because it makes gallery too commercial.However, the situation force him to create online program and the gallery decided to open the online program but it must be special and distinctive. For example, the website use a CAD drawing of like our facade and the street that the gallery located. Right now, James believes that online and physical spaces are both really important to the gallery.They are reciprocal.

Taking about how to successfully operate a gallery, james said that keeping up with the times is really significant since the art world in NYC are growing really fast. For operating a gallery, james suggest that being an art advisor or museum curator will be a good way to start, because it’s a important way to understand how people is showing there work and consider if it is relevant to our own show. You can get most information from the gallery instead of artist or digital media.

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